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"Laura was very sympathetic and professional in her approach to my consultation. Taking care to learn and understand what my needs were and recommend a course of action. She was especially supportive of my lifestyle and tailoring supplements and diet changes to suit my preferences.  Highly knowledgeable and approachable"

-Jasmin Giles 


Trying to become pregnant can be a stressful time, especially if it's taking some time. There are many reasons why we may not be conceiving as quickly as hoped, and we can help get to the route cause, either independently or alongside other health professionals.


Even in healthy individuals, it's a great idea to have a three month plan prior to conceiving a baby if we can, as that is the length of time it takes for one of our eggs to become mature and ready for release. 


Pregnancy is a time of growth, development and great changes, for both mum and baby! Whether you just want to make sure you are eating the right things for both of you, or you have a specific issue you'd like us to help with such as gestational diabetes, we'd be delighted to assist you at any point on your journey.  

Post Partum 

From first time mums to seasoned professionals, motherhood is a challenge! Nourishing your body is essential to help repair after birth and to prevent exhaustion, illness and feelings of being unable to cope. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, vaginal birth or c section, we can help support your recovery, take on daily tasks with more energy or look at more specific health issues such as post partum hypothyroidism and maternal depletion syndrome.  

Female Health

We're all struggling a bit in this day and age to cut through the noise and find out what we should really be doing for our health, and conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis and infertility are on the rise. From periods to general nutrition, we can help assess your nutritional status and make positive recommendations to help you feel happy, healthy and ready for whatever the future brings. 



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"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition."  ~Thomas Edison