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High quality food grown supplements

for every stage of your journey 

We always want to try to absorb our nutrients primarily from food sources. However, with modern farming techniques leading to an increase in pesticides and a decrease in nutrient density, it is recommended that we supplement to prevent deficiencies occurring 


We recommend a fertility multi, an omega 3 and a Vitamin D3


We recommend a pregnancy multi, an omega 3 and a Vitamin D3


We recommend a breastfeeding multi, an omega 3 and a Vitamin D3

General health

We recommend a women's multi, an omega 3 and a Vitamin D3


Wild Nutrition are the UK’s original maker of FOOD-GROWN® supplements and are convinced that their approach to supplementation - that places greater emphasis on how nutrients are delivered into your system - is the best. While the market is flooded with high-dosage tablets of compacted white powders, FOOD-GROWN® supplements are made using a unique process in which we add and grow essential nutrients in real, raw food - which means that your body absorbs the nutrients just as they would a piece of fruit or vegetable.


Because the delivery of essential nutrients grown in real, raw food is that much better, their supplements often contain a lower dose than an equivalent synthetic product. Why? Because the benefits of supplementation are gained from the nutrients that your body metabolises, not the ones that are excreted without being used. Synthetic mega-doses of a specific vitamin that hit your gut in one go will always struggle to be absorbed in their entirety whereas FOOD-GROWN® supplements pass into your system with greater ease. You get the same benefits without the need for the brute force of 100mg of chemically isolated Riboflavin. For example, one study showed that FOOD-GROWN vitamin C was 1210% more bioavailable than isolated ascorbic acid*.


Over 50 independent studies support the claims and many influential experts and practitioners place FOOD-GROWN® supplements as the most effective product of its kind. Then there are their customers and the clients of nutritional therapists who use our products because they feel and recognise the difference that FOOD-GROWN® supplements makes to their health.



"Human physiology will always be able to distinguish between vitamin C in synthetic form and that from an orange"

Dr Albert Szent Györgyi, MD, PhD, Nobel laureate

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