An award winning complex, uniquely formulated for women. This full spectrum formula of Food-Grown® vitamins and minerals, whole–food nutrients and herbs provides support for the daily demands of life, energy, immunity, natural female hormone cycles and more. With organic beetroot and ashwagandha for natural reinforcement. 

  • Ashwagandha for busy active women
  • Iron for good energy and a reduction in fatigue
  • Vitamin B5 to support your mental performance

Women's Multi

    • Size: 60 Capsules (1 month supply).
    • Dosage: 2 capsules per day.
    • Capsules can be opened and added to any cold food or drinks.
    2 capsules provide: Claim % EU NRV
    Vitamin D3 1.5μg 30
    Vitamin E 5.00mg a-TE** 42
    Vitamin C 30.00mg 38
    Vitamin K 10.00ug 13
    Vitamin B1 1.40mg 127
    Vitamin B2 1.60mg 114
    Niacin 5.00mg NE 31
    Vitamin B6 5.00mg 357
    Folic Acid 60.00μg 30
    Vitamin B12 1.00μg 40
    Biotin 45.00μg 90
    Pantothenic Acid 5.00mg 83
    Calcium 10.00mg 1
    Magnesium 30.00mg 8
    Iron 3.00mg 21
    2 capsules provide: Claim % EU NRV
    Zinc 5.00mg 50
    Copper 500.00μg 50
    Manganese 1.00mg 50
    Selenium 100.00μg 182
    Chromium 50.00μg 125
    Molybdenum 10.00μg 20
    Iodine 20.00μg 13
    Choline 2.50mg N/A
    Inositol 10.00mg N/A
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 10.00mg N/A
    Beta-Carotene 1.50mg N/A
    Bioflavonoids 5.00mg N/A
    Organic Beetroot powder 50.00mg N/A
    Ashwagandha powder 200.00mg N/A
    Energy, fat, protein, carbohydrate Negligible
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