Pregnancy Snacks


Cacao & orange 

 Nourish Ball

Our Pregnancy nourish balls will satisfy your chocolate cravings and give you a nutrient dense snack, all in one! 

Organic almond flour, avocado, date, flaxseed and cacao form the base of the nourish ball. Chia seeds, apricots, walnuts and fresh orange are then added in. 

Our pregnancy nourish ball contains the recommended balance of essential fatty acids to help your baby's developing brain, and a healthy boost of vitamin A which will be used to aid the growth of

your baby's organs.

1 large nourish ball for £2.50


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Dr. Ginger 

Designed to help relieve symptoms of morning sickness, with organic ginger powder. 

This sugar free biscuit can be slowly snacked on throughout the day, or first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. 

With the added nutritious benefits of molasses and chewy apricots to help replace nutrients lost through sickness. 

2 biscuits for £2.50


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The energy booster. 

Created for preconception, pregnancy and post partum! A super mum product. Great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc. 

These viatmins and minerals help with;

- Wound healing

- Energy production from food

- Helping with post birth blood loss

- Boosting immunity 

- Egg health/Sperm health (yes dad can have them too!)

- Baby's organ development 

Sugar free, organic and full of energy. 

Each Mamabar £ 2.50 

(two portions) 


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pregnancy Nutrition Guide 

A comprehensive and research based look at nutrition and lifestyle and how to enjoy your pregnancy by investing in a healthy diet for you and your baby.

Downloadable PDF ebook  £9.99


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Creating a healthy baby is every pregnant woman's desire.  So much of your baby's health and even DNA, is owed to what you eat, up to 60% in fact!

Having built up your nutrient stores during preconception, it's now time to support your baby's development, not only of their brain, bones and organs, but also the immune system and even defence against degenerative diseases later in life.

Our pregnancy Nourish Balls contain a whole wealth of nutrients - but perhaps most importantly, we've packed in as many Omega fatty acids as we can, with the right balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6. These are absolutely essential for baby's brain development, and for helping to prevent the development of disorders such as ADHD. 

Keeping your blood sugars stable throughout pregnancy is vital to help prevent baby having an abnormal birth weight - thats why our Nourish Balls have absolutely no added sugar and are a source of slow release energy. 

As our snacks only contain natural ingredients, anyone can enjoy them! So feel free to share your snacks with all the family. 


lovingly made using natural ingredients to nourish you and your baby