Preconception Diaries: The Pill

Once you have decided to go on this journey- when is the right time to think about preparing your body for trying to conceive? Two years? A year? Six months?

I think its never too late, but for me, the earlier the better, as it might take me a while to get used to this healthy eating and exercise lark!

So, in line with this, I’ve been thinking about the pill.

I’ve been taking some form of it for over ten years, and the advantages of the pill have served me well, allowing me to have lighter periods, know exactly when they will be, have less period pain, clear up my skin and of course help prevent pregnancy.

However, at the end of last year during one of the breaks in the pill cycle, I noticed that that I felt emotionally “lighter”, more myself, I had more energy, and a higher sex drive!

Being self-aware has not always come naturally to me, I haven’t always stopped to think how I am feeling or why that might be, but increasingly it is the way I’m dealing with my emotions. Not beating myself up when I’m feeling low but accepting it and trying to recognise what the cause is. Now I’m trying the same approach if I’m feeling really good in myself, questioning what have I been doing a lot of recently? What have I been eating? Or in this instance, it was what am I not taking, and could I feel this way more if I wasn’t on the pill?

Being in a long-term relationship, any choice about this needed to be a joint one. So before stopping, we had an honest conversation about the risks involved, and how I felt. I really wanted to see what my body did if it was given some proper time off to work out its own hormone balance, and I didn’t want to time it so that I came straight off the pill into trying for a baby. Luckily my other half agreed (not just because of the increased sex drive!)

So how is not being on the pill going?

To be honest, my body has NO idea what is going on!

One day it has hormones being given to it which regulates everything, the next it is being left to its own devices and I don’t think it’s very happy! It has therefore decided to be on an off again, on again period for the last three weeks, THREE weeks! Not something I am used to, and I hate that feeling of not quite knowing what its going to do next! At one point, I actually started googling symptoms (never a good idea) but apparently this particular thing was my body showing me that I was ovulating (insert scared emoji here!)

I know that this will improve, so I’m happy to try and embrace these inconveniences as it’s all part of the process of getting to know my body better, trying to be in tune with my cycle, how I’m feeling and I’m sure this will also help when we decide to try.

I have also been reading in The Pregnancy Food Company’s guide about how nutrition can help your cycles. I am trying the seed rotation principle, which sounds a bit scary, but is effectively just adding certain ground seeds to your diet to help regulate your hormone balance. In addition to this, I have started taking a natural “food-grown” multi-vitamin, with folate (Wild Nutrition’s fertility supplement) instead of a synthetic one, as it should be absorbed by the body more effectively.

As I’m learning more, it makes so much sense on how much of our wellbeing is affected by the things we eat and drink. I am starting to consider the food I eat and although I am definitely not there yet with a healthy diet, I think being conscious of my choices is a start.

Exercise is still proving to be a bit difficult- they say that it takes about a month to break a habit and longer for something to become a routine, so I’m trying not to beat myself up too much about this. I’m just trying to move more, whether that is a walk in the evening or just not having quite so many lie-ins at the weekend!

So although this is all still scary and a little bit real, it’s an exciting new challenge and its quite freeing not having to take a pill every day!

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