Preconception Diaries: The Decision


We are delighted that one of our followers has decided to share their journey with us on our blog, here is the beginning of her story and check in again soon to see how she is doing with The Pregnancy Food Company’s nutrition guide and other thoughts!

I don’t think it has ever really been a decision for me, wanting to be a mummy, it’s just something that I’ve always felt is a part of my future. But how do you know when the time is right to start a family?

When I was in school, I thought I would be a mum by my mid-twenties, thinking that was quite old (ha!) now late twenties, it’s scary, I don’t feel like I’ve done enough or am in control enough to be a mum. Yet.

But slowly, this idea of being a family, of having this amazing opportunity and adventure has crept up on me. A gradual realisation that we might actually just be “grown up” enough to have children at some point.

Are we ready for the realistic side of parenting? The sleepless nights, the crying and the responsibility. The honest answer is, I have no idea.

I’m sure we will be, and with this realisation that children might be on our horizon I feel that I want to try and be prepared, so that when we are ready, I can ensure that my body is in the best possible state, for let’s be honest the most incredible, but also tough ride that is pregnancy.

So, I’ve decided knowledge is power. I’m starting to read more, (including The Pregnancy Food Company’s guide!) listen to podcasts, and all those amazing stories people have. I’m taking an interest in my health, and how food and exercise effects this.

I’ve always loved food a bit too much, I mean any food, good or bad for you. I don’t really like exercise, I love being part of a team and fresh air but going out for a run just makes me feel like jumping back into bed and watching a film! So, this may be tough!

Although this is the beginning of my journey (I’m not going to call it preconception, as that’s far too real and daunting) I’m excited, and up for the challenge that pre-preconception holds!

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