30 days of health

30 days, 30 tips

1. Hydrate! Add an extra glass of water to your day, you can check how much water you should be drinking with this useful website

2. Add an extra vegetable until you are eating a rainbow of veg everyday, lots of colours and flavours is essential. 

3. Add a handful of berries - blueberries and blackberries are best, full of nice antioxidants, and not too sugary.  

4. Always keep a bag of your favourite nuts to hand (if you like them!), organic is best. Cashews, brazil nuts, almonds are great. They make a great snack. 

5. Don't always feel you have to finish your plate. If you're anything like me you will have had to always finish your plate when you were younger, this gets us into a bad habit of eating just to finish rather than finishing when full. 

6. Enjoy a warm lemon water in the morning to kickstart your organs, alkalinise the body and help the liver and kidneys flush out toxins. 

7. Cut down to one coffee per day. If you're going decaf remember to use Taylors as it has less nasty chemicals. 

8. Switch to a healthier cooking fat such as coconut oil, animal fat, butter, ghee - just use in small amounts. 

9. Limit alcohol to 1 glass/pint per week. Alcohol is an anti nutrient and is really not helpful for our bodies at any time - let alone preconception/ post partum. Obviously there is no safe level for pregnancy so best to abstain. 

10. Cut out fizzy drinks. They are just bad on so many levels - even diet versions! Just steer clear. 

11. Add a source of DHA to your diet in wild salmon or algae oil supplement

12. Cut out plastics. Plastic bottles and plastic microwaveable tubs must go!

13. Switch to natural skin and body care.

14. Try not to multitask and eat.

15. Learn words for sugars. Big businesses try to hide these from us. Look out for the different words that can be used most commonly: inverted sugar syrup, rice syrup, high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, dextrose, maltose, coconut sugar, maltodextrin. 

16. Cut out added sugar in tea/coffee.

17. Have a good quality dark chocolate bar at home. It's great for curbing those cravings (so are our snacks!)

18. Add pepper to your meals! It increases absorption of nutrients by up to a whopping 85%.

19. Choose your fats wisely. Avocado, nuts, seeds, full fat yoghurt, cold olive oil and wild alaskan salmon are great for preconception, pregnancy and post partum. 

20. Protein at every meal - this obviously doesn't have to be, and should't be, an animal source every time. Get creative with vegetable proteins such as lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, beans and sometimes a little fermented soy. Don't forget that these types of veggie protein can also block nutrient absorption though, so don't overdo it!

21. Carbs can be veggies. We really don't always have to get our carbs from bread, rice, pasta and white potatoes. 

22. Beware of the juice! Smoothies are better than juice as they still have fibre. Remember to have 150ml max of juice/smoothie per day. 

23. Prepare brekkie the night before - and remember to mix it up. Don't forget you want fat, protein and carb at every meal...think about that when you have your porridge!  

24. Find a snack you love and roll with it. My favourites are obviously our own snack selection, and I also love an apple with some peanut butter. 

25. Find an exercise you love, mine is simply walking my dog! And doing a little home workout a few times a week

26. Cinnamon - a great little spice to add to any foods, to help regulate blood sugar! Just make sure it says 'Ceylon cinnamon' 

27. Be savvy with your supplements. We have a great range of food grown supplements on our website which are well absorbed by the body - unlike conventional vits/mins.

28. Fibre, fibre, fibre. We are so low on this! The best way to improve it is to have a good intake of veggies. 

29. Look after your gut health by staying away from lots of refined sugars, antibiotics (if you can), alcohol, and too much stress! You can then add in prebiotics and probiotics.

30. Lastly, Enjoy your food. See it as nourishment for your body and for your baby. 

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