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Jam packed full of goodness, this little superfood brownie will really hit the spot. 

Every single ingredient has been chosen specifically to nourish.

With multiple ingredients providing a good source of  protein, each bite will contribute to recovery and repair after birth. 


Dates, a great source of energy and essential to help digestion, avocados for a boost of healthy fats, with lentils, nuts, seeds and cacao bringing a real variety of minerals, vitamins & antioxidants

Our brownie is a guilt free, easy, nourishing snack that you can treat yourself with at any time of the day. 

p.s it really helps with chocolate cravings too!

1 brownie - £2.50

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"the lactation oaties"

The MummaNutta range is The Pregnancy Food Company's answer to the lactation cookie! Our secret recipe has been designed with oats, flaxseed and nutritional yeast to help boost milk supply.


With an 'oatie' type flavour and texture they are the perfect accompainment to your morning or afternoon cuppa - guaranteed to leave you feeling full and satisfied. Our Oaties are refined sugar free, Dairy free and Vegan! 


We've used organic products to make sure you are getting the very best nutrition from each ingredient. All Oaties contain chia seeds for extra protein, nutritional yeast fortified with vitamin B12, and dates which are not only a good source or energy and nutrients but also help keep things moving in the gut. Oats, flaxseed and nutritional yeast have been used for generations in helping boost breast milk supply for nursing mums.

All in all a great little nutritional, milk boosting, mood lifting snack.


6 oaties for £5

p.s these Oaties can totally be enjoyed even if you're not breastfeeding!

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The energy booster. 

Created for preconception, pregnancy and post partum! A super mum product. Great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc. 


These viatmins and minerals help with;

- Wound healing

- Energy production from food

- Helping with post birth blood loss

- Boosting immunity 

- Egg health/Sperm health (yes dad can have them too!)

- Baby's organ development 

Sugar free, organic and full of energy. 

Each Mamabar £2.50

(two portions) 

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The post natal


There's enough to think about once your little baby is here without worrying id you are eating the right things. Let us take that worry away with our post natal nutrition guide. 

Downloadable PDF ebook 



As our snacks only contain natural ingredients, anyone can enjoy them! So feel free to share your snacks with all the family. 

If you have just welcomed your bundle of joy into the world - congratulations!


However you have decided to feed your baby, breast or bottle, it is important that you keep yourself nourished so that you have the energy to look after your new arrival. 

Our superfood brownie is packed full of goodness to support you, and if you are breastfeeding, you are directly nourishing your baby through your choice of food. 

The nutrients in breastmilk change to meet the needs of your growing baby and this is supported by nourishing yourself with nutrient dense foods

Feeding your baby breastmilk lays a solid foundation for health later in life, and it also brings a myriad of health benefits to mums including a reduced risk of breast cancer. 

To help maintain your production of milk, it's recommended you try to eat a well balanced diet and eat regularly. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water and lots of herbal teas (such as fennel or roiboos). Breastfeeding requires energy and it is generally recommended you should consume and extra 500Kcal during this time. Source these extra calories from plant foods, nuts, seeds, organic meats, complex carbohydrates and of course, our snacks! 

Healing after birth takes time and just how quickly you recover will vary, but there is no doubt for all mums good nutrition makes a difference, resting will help too - so curl up on the sofa for 15 minutes and enjoy one of our superfood brownies. 

lovingly made using natural ingredients to nourish you and your baby