Founded by nutritionist Laura Hughes

We wanted to make one thing easy for women, during both a daunting and exciting time in their lives...
Supportive Nutritional Advice
Quick, nutritious, energy giving snacks with both Mum and baby's health at the forefront.

In a teeny tiny kitchen in the heart of Dorset, Laura-Jane decided to combine her nutrition qualifications with her culinary experience to create something delicious and nutritious. A food product that could help women to feel good about snacking during preconception, pregnancy and post partum.

She saw countless friends, colleagues  and acquaintances struggle with hunger, tiredness, lack of time, and misleading products. She decided it was time to create an honest, organic, nutritious and tasteful snack , designed specifically for women who are thinking of having a baby, or who have already started thier exciting journey.

Laura-Jane spent months researching and creating the perfect snack foods with the help of leading nutritionist Daphne Lambert at Greencuisine Trust.

The Pregnancy Food Company kitchen is continuing to create recipes, eBooks, and provide nutritional advice for women through their comprehensive online clinic. 

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