Nutritious snacks

for every stage of your journey

lovingly made using natural ingredients to nourish you and your baby
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Good nutrition for you and your baby should start as early as possible, before conception, to create the perfect environment for new life to start inside your body. 


Pregnancy Food Co April Shoot NaomiJaneP

Creating a healthy baby is every pregnant woman's desire.  So much of your baby's health and even DNA, is owed to what you eat, up to 60% in fact!


Pregnancy Food Co April Shoot NaomiJaneP

However you have decided to feed your baby, breast or bottle, it is important that you keep yourself nourished so that you have the energy to look after your new arrival. 

Post Partum

We know that it's often difficult to achieve optimum nutrition during pregnancy, either through lack of time, morning sickness, or simply being misled on food products. Here at The Pregnancy Food Company we've put our knowledge of what you and your baby need, into making healthy, nutritious and natural snacks
Good nutrition is all about balance. We've packed as many beneficial nutrients as we can specifically for you and your baby, into one easy snack ball. This means you can rest assured you are snacking on honest food, that will also give a boost to your nutrition - and in turn help your baby. 
As you move from preconception to conception and through to pregnancy all nutrients work in synergy to maintain a healthy body for you and your baby. Our Nourish Balls are created to enhance a healthy balanced diet adding extra nutrients at specific stages to support your journey.
We've used all natural and organic ingredients in our Nourish Balls, and absolutely no sugar apart from those naturally occuring in fruits such as dates and apricots. Our honesty ethos is present in everything we do here; we want to give mothers
the best food we possibly can. 
We've focused on certain vitamins and minerals in our snacks, essential Omega fatty acids, zinc, vitamin E and vitamin A, for their benefits during pregnancy. You are learn more about nutrition in our online nutrition guide here.  
 Our innovative recipes combine half raw and half cooked ingredients, combining to create a completely delicious, nutritious and satisfying snack. Designed to help keep your cravings at bay, keep you fuller in between meals, and give a little boost to your daily nutrition, which of course, will also help your baby.   

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