Nutrition Guides

Want to boost your fertility? 

Struggling to know what to eat in pregnancy?

Want to eat well for breastfeeding & recovery?

Introduction to nutrition

This extremely useful little guide introduces all the main elements of good nutrition, in a concise, clear and easy to read fashion. The perfect compliment to our main three guides. 


The essential guide for anyone wishing to conceive; packed full of clear, concise and easy to follow information. 


The essential guide for your pregnancy, clear, concise and easy to read. Your perfect companion! 

post natal & motherhood

From preparing for birth to well into motherhood, this is your essential step by step guide. Making a challenging time just that little bit easier. 


"Oh my goodness ! YES! Laura, this is absolutely brilliant and very in depth, comprehensive yet understandable and clear! I never realised the baby triggered labour with his/her own hormones.... I especially liked how you include all the “pre-birth” information before going in to the recovery from labour chapter" - Cristi

"Out of ignorance I had no idea that fertility and nutrition were so intricately linked, nor how complex. You have broken it down into clear, step by step sections which are so readable, and relatable. In fact, there is little in here that I already knew, except for some components of food types, and inflammatory disease" - Anna

"I like how you have included information about the body and how it works... It makes nutrition seem even more Important when you realise how it works in harmony with your body"

 "The guide is brilliant for a new mum! All the information is there and very relevant!"

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