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Online Nutrition Manual
Online Nutrition Manual

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Guide Topics

Nutrient Poster
Nutrient Poster

Online Nutrition Manual
Online Nutrition Manual


‘The Pregnancy Food Company's Nutrition Guide is a must read for anyone trying to conceive, pregnant or just given birth! It's comprehensive, clear and so easy to read.’ Susanna

‘The guide was great, easy to access being all online and some really useful tips and information.’ Ellen

‘This guide has given me so much peace of mind…

I feel empowered with etc advice and recipes given and really can't wait to meet out baby girl.’ Tina

Introducing our new online step by step e-manual nutrition guide for preconception, pregnancy and beyond. Packed full of information, recipes, pre and post natal exercise, tips from a midwife, nutrition , vegan and vegetarian diets, an A - Z guide of what to avoid and more.


With each purchase of the guide you will receive a FREE magnetic Vitamins & Minerals poster to stick on the fridge. This will help you decide what to buy for your weekly shopand is an easy reference for you to see which vitamin & mineral each food provides.

The TPFC nutrition guide is a comprehensive and research based look at nutrition and lifestyle and how to enjoy your pregnancy by investing in a healthy diet for you and your baby. Created by Laura Hughes founder of TPFC, and Daphne Lambert top nutritionist and chef, alongside The Modern Midwife and Lulu Adams exercise specialst. Completely online based, all you need is internet access. The guide is directly linked through our website so you can complete it on your phone, tablet or laptop at anytime - due to the configuration however, the guide is best veiwed on your laptop.  

Purchasing the e-manual will give you lifetime access to the content and recipes which you can refer to at any time. Due to the nature of the guide being online it will continually be updated and added to, bringing you the best in nutritional information. 

So, whether you're trying for a baby, already pregnant, breastfeeding or not, this guide has all the information you need to support your health.  

On sale now for just £15.



Frequently asked questions

How long will I have access to the guide for?

Lifetime! Once you've purchased the guide you will always have access. We will continually be updating it with new information.

How do I access the guide?

As it's all online you can access the guide through the website. You can select to save your password so you can just log back in automatically.

Do I have to take a test at the end?

No! The guide is for information purposes only. Just read it at your own pace.