Packed with oats, pumpkin seeds, chia, walnuts, banana, and hazelnuts - to give you a boost of zinc, magnesium, selenium, folate, vitamin E and a balance of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. We've also popped in some toasted coconut to add to the nutty flavour. Banana helps create a healthy gut. 

You'll find absolutely no added sugar in our Granola.


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Cacao & seed


Desinged to be soaked overnight in almond milk, and warmed through in the morning - our Cacao porridge is simple, quick and nutritious

Oats, hazlenuts, chia seeds, almonds, cinammon, cacao and pumkin seeds provide you with essential zinc for fertility boosting, magnesium, folate and vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant. Our mix of nuts and seeds also provide you with a good balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids

The cinnamon pairs deliciously with cacao, and also helps stabilise blood sugar levels naturally, which is really important during pregnancy.

There is absolutely no added sugar in our porridge, so we suggest you enjoy with some fresh Organic strawberries or blueberries. 

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Combat your low blood sugar, boost levels of fertility enhancing zinc, and help ensure a healthy pregnancy with essential fatty acids



It's long been known that breakfast is a vital start to the day, and during pregnancy it is essential that you keep your blood sugar levels as stable as possible for the health of both you and your baby. This means starting off the day with breakfast after your night of fasting, and with food that doesn't cause a blood sugar spike.

As our foods only contain natural ingredients, anyone can enjoy them! So feel free to share with all the family.

lovingly made using natural ingredients to nourish you and your baby